April 26, 2012

Love this type of inspiration....

I am in the midst of re-booting -- rebooting my life! we have moved to a new home, i have a new job, my oldest is getting married in a few months, i have an invitational exhibit opening in 5 days.......YIKES!

I found a letter today, while unpacking, from my Dad. Can't remember ever reading this letter before today, but it was written more than 12 years ago. He writes proud and encouraging words for his wild, outspoken daughter/artist/educator/mother-of-four (and stepmother of two more!) to keep on, stay with it, etc.

Inspiration leads to energy and work. This flower from WeedWeaver's in Wakefield, RI made me excited to continue my work for "TECHNOCRAFT: Where High Tech meets Hand Made", opening Thursday, May 3, 2012 at Jamestown Art Center (Rhode Island) in collaboration with HERA Gallery.

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