November 25, 2011

Holiday Orders!

Well...... now is the time to place orders for gift giving!!!!! I have one loom already warped and partially woven and another loom ready to go.

All warps are bamboo (one of my favorite fibers, as you know. Next would be copper/stainless steel, and pineapple). I have two asymmetrical color sequences -- an ultra fine black/grey/aubergine  and a slightly heavier warm/burnt orange. Both warps sett comfortably to accept either a silk OR soft wool weft. 

Please give your color preferences now or it is Weaver's Choice! The wool I have is a unique weight I picked up at Wood's Hole, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, this fall while cleaning out a studio from an elder weaver named Nish Raymond. I grabbed "the best of" singles wool in subtle dark maroon/red and the most perfect heather greyblack.

The second BEAUTIFUL warp is going on tonight -- it is, as I mentioned above, a  burnt orange, beige and a variegated warm color ribbon. I have thread weight hand painted silk I am so excited to pair up with this warp. And there is enough left to be able to play with some other fibers such as over twist merino wool, copper wire and silk, and I have just enough left of my stainless steel and silk colors to weave a double Enchanted Evening thing or two! 

Please let me know if you want to special order. I am so excited to weave for fun without thinking about exhibits, art shows, judging, and all that stuff. Even though it looks like a few teaching gigs in 2013, I am still working on Patent's PENDING!!!! (see previous posts)

BTW .... registration for next semester's classes at Slater Mill Community Guild Studio's (Pawtucket, RI)  for weaving is open. I have a few looms left that need students. At least one is 8 harness. And the rest are new Harrisville Looms. I can take any level weaver -- novice/beginner to advanced -- as all instruction is tailored to each student. You will be expected to do some "independent work" at the studio. Tuesdays, 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm. The next 10 week course begins January 10. Contact:

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